Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas @ Grandma & Grandpa Howard's!

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year. We were blessed in so many ways. We are so grateful and thankful for our Grandma and Grandpa Howard. They still take care of Jules when she is sick and take such good care of Drew and I. Christmas was a wonderful reflection of the love we all have as a family and what a great time we have whenever we are together!

Jules' gift for Grandpa H. was a sign that said "Grandpa's Workshop - Broken Toys Fixed Here" He loved it. Especially since he re-built an old John Deere Pedal Tractor for her last year. She is so excited to be able to ride it this spring!
Morgan enjoying the calendar the girls made for him.

Dad - lovin' his new Blu-Ray player - now all he needs is that new HD TV!!
Miss Julsie has been having a little trouble sleeping in her bed by herself each night. We were hoping this CD player from Grandma and Grandpa Bush will help. We have been using it with Bible Stories and Songs and it has worked like a charm!! She loves it and so do we!

For YEARS Drew has been making comments about wanting a Punching Bag. You know one of those things that you would never buy yourself, but still want. So being the awesome wife that I am, I gave Sue and Dad a couple of helpful hints for Drew and the result was this VERY happy man on Christmas Day. He was so surprised and thankful. It was too cute.

This year for Christmas we gave each family member a board or card game with an invitation inviting them to our house the first Friday of each month for....FAMILY GAME NIGHT!!! We think it will be great fun for all of us to get together for a night of good food, laughter, friendly competition and lasting memories. And it will be a great way to get Drew's family and my family together more. Everyone loved the idea and we are looking forward to this new tradition!

Jules didn't have these new PJ's unwrapped for more than 5 minutes before she "JUST HAD TO" put them on!
Jules got in some much needed "Uncle Morgan" time while he was home over Christmas Break. I just love watching them together. A couple of real goofballs!

Jules pretty much had a great day with the whole family!!

And, I just have to post this. I found matching shoes for Jules and I (I know!) and she insisted that we both wear them on Christmas Day. She was loving her high heels and felt like such a big girl, while I was wishing for warm boots and thicker socks!! :)

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The Lynam's said...

1. I think I will have to steal the game night idea. Too fun.
2. I la la la LOVE that you found matching shoes!!!