Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Eve @ Sue & Bob's (Inlaws)

Tradition = spending Christmas Eve with Drew's mom's side of the family....and we LOVE it! So much fun. Especially because Jules and Mary have cousins around the same age. We had a great time and we were so blessed to be with everyone this year!

Julianna and Shrav in matching dresses. I think they both looked ADORABLE!!

O.k. so back in November Julianna found the Toys R Us Big Book. She and Mary decided to go through and circle what they wanted. Of course Mary circled about a hundred things, but Jules...well she only circled one thing. All she wanted was a Hot Pink Style Salon. She talked about that thing for weeks. That is all she wanted from Santa. Well "Santa" had already purchased a different gift for Ms. Jules. So, alas we thought there she was bound for a little disappointment on Christmas morning.
Yeah right.
Grandma Sue to the rescue!!! The salon AND matching chair were just within Grandma's budget - which made for one happy 3-year old girl!!!


After we opened presents, our lovely "hostess" Mary came around with the dessert cart.

It was a great (& delicious) night and a great time with family!

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Lauren said...

oh my gosh!! I love her face when she opened that gift! Hilarious!