Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Eve Night

When we got home from Grandma Sue's it was time for the girls to make their "reindeer food" and cookies for Santa.

Reindeer Food Ingredients

~ 2 parts Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

~ 1 part glitter (your choice of color)

Our girls chose purple.

Reindeer food out on the front porch and sidewalk (FYI - it was ALL gone by the morning!)

Santa's elves dropped off a surprise for the girls!
They always get a new Christmas movie or book on Christmas Eve. This year it was "Santa Buddies" Cute movie.

Time to open just one gift!!

Making Cookies for Santa.

And trying some for herself.

Mary worked on the hot cocoa while Jules made cookies.

Working hard on that letter to Santa!

Jules made Mary write one too. Such a good big sis! :)

Santa was truly impressed with the spread! :)

Then it was time for movies, snuggling and of hair styles. Jules can pretty much make her daddy do anything - including putting together a Salon Vanity and Styling Chair at 9:00 at night!

(Notice the change of clothes - she will just randomly come out of her room with a new outfit on - silly girl!)

Then the girls were off to bed and mom and dad worked with "Santa" to get everything ready for Christmas Morning! Absolutely one of my favorite nights of the year!
Mary's Stocking
Jules' Stocking
Drew's Stocking
My Stocking
Mmm hmm....I know, the girls were VERY spoiled by Santa. But, ironically Drew and I spent very little this year....thanks Grandma Lili!

Here is the main gift Julianna received from "Santa" - it was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! She loved it.....almost as much as her Salon. :)


Mrs. W said...

Love the pics of the girls- too cute!

The Lynam's said...

love the stocking spreads. Hope Santa does that for Lynamland next year :)