Wednesday, December 16, 2009

(Much Needed) Girls Night Out!

Every year my besties and I get together for Christmas. It is a time where we share stories, laughs, gifts and maybe a few martini's and glasses of wine!

This year was amazing. Maybe it was because I was couped up in the house for 3 days last week, or maybe it was because I sometimes feel like all I do is work and be a wife and mother. Sometimes there is little (play)time left for me. Well I got that in on Friday night. I love these girls and I am so thankful Rochelle and Annette are in my life!

We went to dinner at Trostel's Dish in West Des Moines. Can I just say, it is hard for me to enjoy a meal out most of the time because I am so spoiled by Drew and his cooking, but Oh.My.Gosh. Trostel's is amazing! I love it every time we go and they did not disappoint on Friday night! Good food and amazing Key Lime martini's!
After our fabulous dinner, we headed out for a little late night shopping. Love stores that are open late around the holidays! Scored some new jeans that amazingly fit well considering the issues I have with my left leg - tumor gone, but still a lot of swelling. Love them so much, I may never buy another brand of jeans again! After that we headed home so I could rest my weary head. As much as I need my girls night out, my body needed rest - especially after those martini's!!

Girls, thank you for a wonderful evening. Can't wait for our next GNO!!!!!

Jules wanted in on the picture taking action. She was having a hard time letting me leave. But she greatly enjoyed her night @ home with daddy!

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