Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Disney on Ice!

On Friday night, Drew and I took Snow White - oops, I mean Julianna - to see Disney Princesses on Ice. It was a wonderful show and of course Jules loved every minute of it. She sat through the entire thing completely mesmerized. At one point I tried to say something to her and she held her finger up and said "not now mommy, I am watching the show!"

We were thrilled to find that when we got there, we had 5th row seats! It was amazing and we got to see so much detail. It was a great night and something we hope we will be able to do with her every year!!

Most of these pics of course are for Grandma, but I hope you all will enjoy them too!

Could she be any sweeter?

Soooo Excited!!

Passing a little girl dressed as "Sleeping Beauty" in the hallway. Too cute!

O.k. we admit it....Drew and I were excited too!

And yes, we bought the $12.00 Sno-Cone! It was worth it. :)

The set was so beautiful.

Tinkerbell was the special guest and Jules just loved her!
I couldn't fit all of the pictures in one post, so enjoy the next few of Disney Princesses on Ice!!!

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