Thursday, October 15, 2009


That is our life right now! Things are so wonderful at my new job. I am loving the job itself, but also all of the children and especially my new boss. She is just so unbelievably wonderful!

This week is a little crazy as we have conferences. I worked until 8:00 last night and will work last again tonight......but I will have tomorrow off!!! It works out perfectly as Drew and I are leaving for our weekend get-away tomorrow afternoon. I plan to spend the day getting everything ready, tidying up the house for Aunt Courtney who will be staying with Jules and pampering myself a little bit.

Drew and I are heading to Maple Grove, MN tomorrow afternoon. We are staying in a beautiful hotel (one of the nice perks of his job) while we are there and plan to just relax and see where the days take us. We may do a little shopping and eating out, but mainly we just want to relax with each other and enjoy being kid-free for a weekend! On Sunday we are driving down to Mankato to spend some time with Morgan. We haven't seen him much since he started college, so we plan to take him to lunch, check out his apartment and maybe stock his fridge. :o)

I am excited and Jules is too...a weekend with Grandma Bush and Aunt Courtney - she will be loving it!

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Truders said...

Have a great weekend away!!