Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkins with our Pumpkin

On Sunday we took Jules to pick out her pumpkins for the season! It was so cute to watch her pull her little wagon and pick out the ones she wanted!

Hmm, so many to choose from!
She was lovin' it!

I am not sure what this pose is, but I think it's pretty cute!
Displaying her pumpkins at home. Can't wait to carve them this week!

Could she be any sillier!?!
She made this display in our dining room. I think she has her mama's love for decorating!

We were sad that Mary couldn't come with us this year. She was struck with H1N1 while at her mom's last week and we thought it would be best if she stayed put. With Julianna's respiratory issues, we have to be really careful with what she is exposed to. She is in the high risk category, so we are hoping to keep our pumpkin out of the hospital this flu season!!

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