Thursday, October 1, 2009


Drew and I have both been presented with great oppotunities on the job front recently.

A month ago Drew started as the Corporate Executive Chef for the USDA in Ames. This job has been such a blessing to us. He is still working for Heart of America (owns Johnny's and Machine Shed), but on the corporate food service side. The great thing about this job is that he is off by 3:00 everyday and DOESN'T work weekends anymore! The past month has so wonderful for us. We have been able to do so many great things together as a family and I look forward to the things we will be able to do now that we have him home on the weekends!!!

As for me, on Monday I will begin a new position within The Des Moines Public Schools! I will be the new Office Manager for Stowe Elementary on the east side. I have always wanted to work for an elementary school and this job just feels like the perfect fit for me! I will be able to get off at a time where I can pick both Julianna and Mary up from school each day. No more after school program for Jules and no more Mary waiting at her mom's for us to get her. It was making the transition hard and these new hours will be it easier on all of us. So we will all be home together by 4:00 everynight!

HUGE blessings for us!

Thank you all so much for your prayers, encouragement and support the past few months as I have struggled with job related issues and what would be best for myself and our family. I know I have made the right decision and there is nothing more precious than family - to me anyway. And I know that this time with the girls is priceless and I never want to look back and wish I had spent more time with them.

Wish me luck as I start Monday!!

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Truders said...

Wonderful!! I will be praying for you as you start your new job!!