Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Thursday night we went to see WICKED!!! It was also Courtney's birthday, so we met for dinner at The Latin King first and then headed to the show.

It was such a wonderful evening! The show was amazing! So much so, that Drew and I are going again on Sunday! He loved it and wanted to try and go again. We were able to get some great tickets through Grand View, so we are going again! I can't wait!

I think Co had a great birthday and she looked beautiful that night!

Co and her Big Bro!
I love this girl!

Jules had QUITE the attitude that night, but Grandpa Bush can always get her to calm down. :o)

Co and her two co-workers that went with us. Julie and Laura. We all had a great time together!Ahhh....WICKED!!!

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