Thursday, September 10, 2009

Julsieism # 5

Sheesh I haven't posted one of these in a while. There have been plenty all summer, but I just forget to post them. This one from last night though NEEDS to be posted. This girl just cracks me up!

Last night Courtney stopped by for some much needed hugs and love from her Julsie Bear.

Jules was playing with her stuffed bunny and pretending that it was her baby. Here is the conversation:

Jules: "no no bunny, you don't say that"

Aunt Co: "What did the bunny say"

Jules: "Well, she said that she didn't like all these windows"

Aunt Co: "Why doesn't she like the windows"

Jules: sighs and says "Coco, do you really want to know what my bunny said"

Aunt Co: "Sure Jules, what did the bunny really say?"

Jules:(with her finger pointed and Co) "My bunny said that he doesn't like the sprinkle on your nose!"

Co and I both lost it. I wish you could have seen Jules' face when she said it. So matter of fact and looking at Courtney like she was crazy for having this "sprinkle" on her nose. Which is in fact...her nose ring!

Too cute!

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