Friday, August 21, 2009

State Fair Time!

Tuesday we were able to enjoy a little time at the fair. Drew took Jules early in the day to see the animals (which I am allergic to) and I met them around lunchtime. We based the day on things that Jules wanted to see. It was so much fun watching her take everything in.

She had a blast and keeps asking to go back!

Notice Julianna's shirt? It had pics of baby chicks on there. She couldn't wait to show them her shirt. She was talking to them and telling them that they matched their shirt. One even looked up at her and walked over towards her. It was priceless!

Baby Ostriches! Too cute!

These pics are more for Grandma Lili to see. Jules had fun being a "farmer". This exhibit at the fair was the highlight of her day!

Ready to plant my crop!

Planting some "green peppers"
Getting her crop!

How cute is she?

Gassing up her tractor to drive around the "farm"

She sold all of her goods at the Farmer's Market and was paid for all of her goodies!

"Paying" for her treat!

All that hardwork paid off! She chose a bomb pop as reward for her efforts.

She HAD to ride the train - you know, for Grandpa Bush.... :o)

After all of that, we looked in the stroller, and this is what we saw......completely passed out! Notice her new shades? She wanted to have shades just like mommy's, so I couldn't resist. They were only $3.00 at the liquidators booth!! :o)
It was a great day!

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