Monday, August 31, 2009

Jules First Day of Pre-School!

Our big girl started Pre-School today! She was very exicted when she woke up this morning and did great walking in. Then mommy started with the tears and that was Julsies un-doing. She had trouble saying good-bye and letting us leave. I felt terrible, I think she would have been just fine if I would have kept my emotions in check! Sheesh!

I did call over lunch to see how she was doing and her teacher said that not even five minutes after we left she was fine and has been fine and doing well all day! I can't wait to get my arms around her tonight and see how her first day was. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better start (for me) and we will all get through this adjustment and new chapter in her life just fine!!

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amy said...

OH my goodness, she's so cute! I am dreading preschool next year as well...I'm not sure if I can let my baby go!