Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wonderful Wedding Weekend!!!

This past Saturday was my cousin Megan's Wedding. We drove up Saturday morning to Cherokee, IA for the festivities. Pretty much the entire Bush family was there and let me tell you when we all get together there is fun to be had!!! We had such a great time! Our family is C.R.A.Z.Y. and we love it! We could have sat around talking and telling stories and laughing and being completely silly for days. It was just a nice refreshing weekend and I can't wait to see everyone again soon!!!

Isaac, Co, Val, Andy & Hannah Bush

Cousin Lea - Maid of Honor and has a baby girl due in one month!! Can't wait to meet her!

Beautiful bride Megan - escorted by her brother Austin and dad Dennis

Jules LOVED the bubbles!

Dad & his brother Mark. Uncle Mark married Drew and I 5 years ago!

Dad & other brother Curt.

Aunt Pam, Uncle Don and Aunt Norma. SOOOOO good to see them!

Cousins!! Mary, Austins, Kiersey, Cameron & Julia

The "Older" generation of Bush's :o)

Jules had a great time on the dance floor. She was out there ALL night!

And....so did the rest of the girls!

Isaac & Andy came to the reception sporting some typical attire....for our family anyway!

I LOVE these girls! We don't get to see each other nearly enough!

I don't even have words....my family is crazy...what can I say?!

Bush siblings kickin' back on the dance floor!

Uncle Curt, Aunt Mary (mother of the bride), Uncle Mark and Dad. Truly some of the best people in the world!!


mrsmarkdave said...

Ok - love the photos but I must say...the wouldn't have been complete without displaying the orange tux. Loved it. I wonder if he got his fashion tips from Luke and Ben

chefstinsonfamily said...

Ha! I forgot about good o' Luke and Ben!

Andy - the one in the blue tux got married 2 years ago and when him and his wife walked into the reception...he had on her dress and she was in his tux. It was hilarious. This is what my family is like...and I love it! :o)

Katie said...

hey! these are fantastic! thanks for posting them all...I stole some.

chefstinsonfamily said...

Ha! I just stole some of yours and posted them on here too! :o)