Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Julianna's THIRD Birthday Party!

Sunday we gathered our friends and family to celebrate Julianna's third birthday. If you have read my previous posts, you know what the "theme" was. I think it all turned out adorable and Cinderella was there to greet her guests as they came in. :o) Julianna loved it and it was great to have everyone there to celebrate her life. And such a precious life it is. I can't believe that she is three. I swear she has grown into such a little girl the past couple of weeks. She is so smart and with it.

Thank you everyone who came and helped make her day extra special!

"Cinderella" never looked lovlier!

Mary wanted to be part of the fun and dressed as the "fairy godmother" for the occassion. I love that she is wearing my Grandma Tonsi's old housecoat. Made me feel like she was with us that day....

The look on her face says it all.....

Genevieve. Or as Jules like to call her - "Prettyvieve"

What is that in Julianna's hand you may ask? Well the girl detests frosting of any kind. But adores apple pie. So of course daddy had apple pie ready to go for her. And what is apple pie, without a slice of cheddar cheese? Gee, do you think her daddy is a chef? :o)

Jules and "prettyvieve" chilling out in her new wagon. Seriously the best gift for a child who no longer wants to ride in a stroller!

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