Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthday Trip to the Zoo!

We tried to think of something fun that Julianna would love to do for her birthday this year. We had planned to go to the Children's Museum in Omaha for the day, but by the time we paid for a van rental, gas, food and museum costs it would be a small fortune. So it seemed smarter to just stay close to home. We had such a great time at the Blank Park Zoo last year on her birthday, that we decided to do it again. And it was FREE since our membership we bought last year didn't expire until the end of the month!

It was another great day for the zoo. Jules loved riding around in her new wagon and Mary just loves animals in general, so they were both happy!


Jules had a blast running around looking at everything!

Mary took this great picture of Julianna's favorite fish. It was pink and purple - her 2 favorite colors!

I think Tom has just as much fun as the girls!

Both girls got to feed the giraffes. I couldn't believe how easily Jules fed him. When we left, she said that she wanted a pet giraffe to bring home!
The show this summer is the "Bird Man" He has been featured on David Letterman and the Tonight Show. The show was great and many of the birds flew right over Julianna's head. She thought it was so cool!
We timed everything perfectly. Right as we were getting ready to leave it started raining. Thankfully Julianna had her new umbrella ready to go. (Thanks Aunt Co!)

Guess who had a long day and conked out on the way home? We were barely out of the zoo and she was out. Please notice the drool down her arm....I like to think of this as a good sign of a great day!

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Jo said...

Oh my gosh...she is so darn cute. Had dinner with your mom and Tom that night and they couldn't stop talking about the Princess and her day at the zoo. What an awesome day!