Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sweet Georgia Brown!

Drew and I had planned all week to surprise the girls with tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters at Wells Fargo last Friday night. Well as things usually happen with us...nothing ever works out. Jules ended up being in the hospital on Friday and we thought it just wouldn't work out for us to go. Well Drew didn't want to disappoint Mary, so he told me to take her to the game, he would stay with Jules at the hospital (When she is sick, she just wants her daddy anyway) and I would just stay with her that night at the hospital.

So when Sarah dropped off Mary, we ran home to change (that girl was in a t-shirt, skirt and flip-flops in 40 degree weather!)get clothes and DVD's for the hospital and get some dinner for Drew. We then met Courtney and her roommate (who I invited one hour before the game to come and take Jules' and Drew's tickets) at the hospital, ran Drew up his dinner and clothes for Jules and then we all went to the game. It was so much fun and our seats were AMAZING!!! 4th row from the floor. It was crazy. Mary loved it and got her picture taken at the end with Flight Time. It was a lot of fun, even though my mind was occupied with Jules most of the night. We left right after the game, grabbed something to eat and then headed back to the hospital.

I am really glad though that I got to take Mary and spend some time with her. She really enjoyed it!!

Mary was SO excited. Especially when she was able to get close to the Court for some Photos.

She had her picture taken with "Flight Time" Do you see him waving here? He is waving at my sister Courtney and her roommate Anne. He was a little taken with Anne. So much so that when we came down to the court to watch mary get her picture taken with him, he gave Anne a kiss on her cheek and gave her one of his sweaty wrist bands. It was pretty cute. :o)

Mary was so excited to meet one of the players and her picture taken with him. I am so glad we were able to go and create this memory for her!

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Angela said...

That is so very cool you were able to do this for Mary! She will always remember this night. I love your title!