Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It has been a crazy week that is for sure. Julianna was in the hospital again last weekend. Her RSV was back along with some severe asthma issues. She was on oxygen most of the time just to get her breathing under control. It was a little scary once we realized how serious it was. She is doing better now, but we are carefully monitoring her and her activity. I am afraid she is going to be one of those children that can't over-exert (sp?) herself and needs to be careful around things she might be allergic to - like cats.

I haven't been feeling the best this week either. I think it is lack of sleep and worrying about my babe.

I ended my lymphedema treatment yesterday. It initially was working and started to help, but all of the fluid worked it's way up to my thigh and is just pooling there. So the tumor is obviously getting in the way of my circulation and flow of my leg. I am scheduled for an MRI of my leg at 7:40 tomorrow morning. So we will see what they can for sure find out with that and then we will proceed from there. Please still keep me in your prayers as we try to figure everything out. And keep Julsie in your prayers as we monitor her and get her breathing more under control.

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Angela said...

I am so sorry to hear about Julles! I have been praying since I heard. Hoping she is healing and getting stronger with each day!
Love ya. Angela