Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Julsieism # 2

On Saturday, I thought it would be fun to take the girls to the Carefree Patisserie in Valley Junction. This is the cutest and quaintest little cupcake shop. Our friend Annie is having her wedding cake made there and told us about it. They have 101 cupcake flavors and then sell cupcakes individually right out of the bakery. Once we found the place (the shop is very small) we went in to see what the days flavors were: Carrot Cake, Cherry Vanilla, Vanilla Malt, Nutty Kim, Lunchbox, Chocolate Guinness and a few others.

I told the girls they could each pick out one. Mary chose the Vanilla Malt, as did I and Julianna chose Cherry Vanilla - I think because it was pink and had a red cherry on it. We also got Drew the Chocolate Guinness and thought we would run it to work for him as an afternoon treat.

Since we hadn't had lunch yet, I told the girls that we couldn't eat them until we had some lunch. Well the whole way to Drew's work Julianna kept saying how she wanted that pink cupcake.

"I want that cupcake mommy, it will be so yummy!" "Please mommy, can I have that cupcake?" This went on forever. We dropped Drew his cupcake and then headed across the street to Applebee's for a quick lunch. The whole time Jules is talking about that cupcake. We finish lunch and I told the girls that once we got home, we would get our pj's back on, sit at the table with a glass of milk and dive into our cupcakes, then take naps! Again Jules was going on and on about how much she wanted that cupcake on the way home.

So we get home. I get the table ready with milk and cupcakes while the girls get their pj's back on. We sit at the table and Mary and I dive into our cupcakes (which were AMAZING by the way) and I look over at Julianna and ask her is she is going to eat her cupcake. Her response?.....

"No, I don't like cupcakes."

And she didn't touch that thing. It just sat there. I just started laughing because she said it so matter of fact. So I put it back in the cupcake box and Mary and I enjoyed it later. I mean, I couldn't let it go to waste and again it was AMAZING!

I really think Jules just wanted to look at the pretty pink cupcake and that was it. She just cracks me up sometimes!

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mrsmarkdave said...

oh my goodness. I had to read that to Dave. that is hilarious!!! I would've eaten it for her : )