Friday, March 20, 2009

I don't even know what to say....

Do you all remember this gift from Christmas?

And let's not forget the matching shoes....

I don't think she took this outfit off for a week after Christmas!

(In fact the dress was in the bag that went with her to Grandma and Grandpa Howard's this morning. She loves to wear it as much as possible!)

These gifts have started an obsession. CINDERELLA has taken over at our house in the form of a bright blue-eyed 2-year old. Along with Cinderella comes the other princesses. I don't even know what to say.

Before Julianna was born, I was adamant that there would be NO princesses in our house, she would never be referred to as a princess and there would DEFINITELY be no clothing, shoes, books etc of any sort that referred to cartoon characters, especially Disney princesses. Oh how it changed once she saw "The Little Mermaid". It opened the doors to everything else Disney. Then she got all of this for Christmas (there was a lot more, I just couldn't bare to take a picture of it all) and now we have "Cinderella" visiting our house on a weekly basis.

Some days she really thinks she is a princess and her name is Cinderella.

O.k., so I wasn’t going to post this, but I want to make clear how much Jules loves Cinderella. When she was in the hospital last month, Mary brought her a Cinderella crown set (let it be known, that Sarah – Mary’s mom purchased this. I have yet to buy anything Disney for Julianna). Anyway, in this crown set was a blinking crown with Cinderella’s face on it, earrings with her face on them, a ring with you guessed it…her face, some bracelets with her face dangling from them and a necklace. Now the necklace didn’t have her face on it, but it was made of fake pearls and a pendant that was cinderella’s shoe. The shoe had a button on it and when you pushed it, it said…… “Hello, I’m Cinderella.” So of course Jules just thought that was the greatest thing and wore it for most of the day. Don’t you know that every time a new Dr. came in to see her and asked her what her name was…..she would just push the button – “Hello, my name is Cinderella!” O.k. I will admit it was kind of cute. But she really didn’t want to tell them her real name. According to her it was “Cinderella”.

Well the obsession is getting even more out of hand. We have been talking about her birthday coming up and what we should do for it. A catalog of birthday party ideas came in the mail a little while back and Jules and I started flipping through it and this is what she saw…..

It was all over then. If we even mention her birthday coming up, she says “MY CINDERELLA BIRTHDAY!!!!” while she is jumping up and down and going crazy. S
When she talks to her Grandma Lili (Lori – my mom) she gets even more excited because she knows that Grandma will get excited with her and help her have the best birthday party ever.

So be prepared - in June you will see pictures of a Light Blue and Pink Cinderella fest. And if you have kids and read this blog – BEWARE – you will be invited for all of the princess fun!

I just keep telling myself that one day I will look at the pictures as a fond memory of my little “Cinderella” and how I will probably from time to time wish for these days back.

For right now, I am searching the internet – along with my mom – for the most awesome Cinderella party favors and accessories. So I guess I will be making my first Disney Princess purchase soon. :o)

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Rachel said...

so i'm a huge disney fan, but i wanted to let you in a cool secret if you don't know--walmart or hobby lobby will have a "barbie" cake pan. The skirt of the "barbie" dress is the cake. But if you are creative--like you seem to be--you could turn it into a 3D cinderella. :) just thought i would pass on more info for the bday party!! have fun!