Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009!

On Saturday Drew and the girls woke up to a table full of gifts that I had either made for them, won, or received for free!

I made Drew 3 CD's of a couple different artists that he likes, then I made him a coupon book of different lovey dovey things I can do for him. I also made his card this year. I love the way it turned out. Last week I won a $50.00 gift card to Biaggi's, so that was a nice surprise for him as well. Last year I had given him some novelty "love" lottery tickets that he never opened, so I re-gifted those and gave them to him again this year. :o) He opened them yesterday and his "lottery" ticket says that I need to be a maid for the day in the month of May. I am sure that will entail helping him clean the garage or something!!

For the girls - I made them each bookmarks and coupon books for things like a salon night, movie night of their choice, and a birthday party when it's not their birthday (cake and gifts included), then I got them some cool shirts from different events we have had here at work and then my mom graciously donated the rest of the items - Madagascar II, chocolates, necklaces and some snowglobes.

It was a great morning and we had fun spending some time together before Drew had to leave for work.....where we surprised him with more goodies!

For lunch the girls and I headed to Johnny's where we gave Drew more homemade cards and brownies that the girls had made and decorated for their dad. They were so excited to give them to him and I know he loved that they had made them! We had a delicious lunch and then went home for naps and to hang out the rest of the day.

Sue and Dad watched the girls that night so I could go to a play at Grand View. That in itself was a gift to me...just a few hours to myself enjoying a play! I also won the raffle at the play, so one more free gift for Drew! A cute teddy bear - the first stuffed animal I have ever given him. It was cute and he plans to put it in his box of treasures I have given him over the years. :o)

Then Drew came home around 11 and suprised me his gifts!

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