Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Our precious baby girl was in the hospital this past weekend. It started last week with her getting sick and throwing up. She was sick Wednesday and Thursday and by Friday we decided to get her into her Dr. because her cough was getting worse and she had a fever. Well it is a good thing that we took her in. The Dr. told us to get her to Blank as soon as they could get her a room. She had RSV, pneumonia, an ear infection and by the time we got to the hospital a temp of over 103 degrees. It was a little scary, but the staff at Blank were AMAZING and took such good care of our little girl. The worst part for me was watching her get her IV. She did really well and at first just wanted to have it covered up, so she wouldn't look have to look at it, but by Saturday she was fine with looking at it and having the nurses put her medicine in it and flush it with saline.

She was such a trooper during her 2 days there. When we got there and they started looking her over, they told us that all children under 3 have to stay in a crib. Now I don't know if you have ever seen these things, but they look like a small prison cell. I was at first fine with it because it was the rule....however Jules was not. She looked at that bed and said (I kid you not) "I am a big girl, and I want a big girl bed. I don't want that baby bed, I want my big girl bed...now!" So we signed a waiver saying we wouldn't sue the hospital if she fell out of a "big girl bed" and she got her wish. Good thing too, because once we knew for sure she had RSV, she would have to sleep propped up anyway. Like I said, she did so well. We just rested and relaxed with her and watched movies, movies, movies! I think we watched "The Bee Movie" and BOTH "Madagascar" movies at least 4 times each. We were all relieved when she was able to go home, so we could rest together all day Sunday.

Thank you everyone who stopped by to see her, or prayed for her, or took care of me and Drew while we were there.

A big thanks to my little sis Courtney. She stayed with me the ENTIRE time (other than a few hours to go home and sleep Friday night) so I would have constant help. She painted Julianna's toes and did her hair, she ran to the Cafeteria for me whenever I needed her to, even went out and got dinner for Drew and I on Friday night and stayed with me while Drew had to work for a few hours on Saturday. I definitely couldn't have done it without her and it was just plain nice to have spent some time with her and I know Jules loved it!

Hopefully Jules is on the mend, which is more than I can say for her daddy. I left him this morning sick in bed with the flu. Just hope it will by-pass me!!


Mrs. W said...

Poor Jules! I'm glad she's on the mend!

amy said...

Your poor little peanut - hopefully she feels lots better now!
And of course I remember you! :)
I just took a gander at some of your posts and I will be praying for you and your health concerns. I have also had some similar problems previously, and have had just about every test that you've listed. Not fun, as I'm sure you can attest to...if you ever want to vent about it, just look me up - I'm on facebook too.
So your husband is a chef? That's really cool - where is he a chef at? We just might have to go visit (if we ever get a job back and get any money...lol)
Glad to get reconnected with you!

Lori Eilers said...

Oh that just breaks my heart! Give her a smoochie for me and let her know I'll keep praying for her.