Thursday, February 5, 2009

Health Update...

....whew, has it even been a crazy couple of weeks. Last week I was admitted to the hospital for what they thought might have been a small stroke or mild heart attack. It was crazy. I was sitting at home and then had this rush to my heart and the back of my head. I tried to stand up and got dizzy. I called my mom to just talk to her and I was slurring my words and not sounding right, so she told me to call 911. I called 911 and while I was talking to them I reached for my bottle of water and I lost all feeling and control of my right hand.

The EMT's came and took me to Lutheran where I was admitted the for the night. They did tests throughout the night and took my blood and did Stroke tests every 2 hours. It was scary and exhausting. Wed. morning I had the CT scan of my leg and and MRI of my brain. They also did an echocardiogram and corroted artery test (I don't know if I spelled any of those right) The next day I met with a neurologist who did more tests and ordered 2 more MRI's.

Yesterday I met with my Dr. and she wants to test me for Lyme Disease and look into Fibromyalgia. I have been doing some reasearch on both and of course my symptoms relate to both. I am kind of at my wits end right now. My Dr. doesn't have any answers. Apparently I am not a "text book" case and so it has been hard to diagnose me.

For right now I am severely altering my diet and exercising in the warm water pool at Mercy 4 days a week and I will see how that will help me.

Please keep the prayers coming. They are really helping. For instance....the tumor is no where near as bad as they thought. I won't need surgery. They are going to try and shrink it through body wraps, so I will be starting those soon too.

Thanks everyone for your calls, emails and concerns over the past few weeks. You don't know how much they have helped me!


Nikki said...

Hi Adrian!
It has been so long... I found your blog on facebook. Sounds like you are going through a lot right now. I'll be praying for you; for strength, healing, grace, and His peace. Hang in there. Jesus knows.
Nikki Hook

Micaela said...

This is crazy! I'll be praying for sure. Love y'all!

Micaela said...

OOPs, I was signed in on Mic's computer but it is Pastor Lori typing!

loreyfamily said...

Of course i will be praying for you, God is with you just keep tursting God for your healing

Ill type a prayer now and keep praying for u

Dear lord i left this sister up to you Lord and Father you see all the pain and hurt she is facing and going through Lord Father we ask for a complet healing over her body Father you healed me of a tumor and i know u can do the same for her father God u say where to or more agree on earth it shell be done and we ask in faith Lord for u to heal her We thank you for healing touch over her and we Thank u for all u will do in her life
in his name AMEN

God bless


chefstinsonfamily said...

Thank you everyone! I love you all and all of your prayers!

Michelle Ekstrum said...

My stepdad has Fibromyalgia. So, if it ends up being that, let me know. I know quite a bit about it!