Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well...the Dr. called back with my test results from the CT Scans, and it looks like I have a tumor on in my left leg. It was a miracle that she found it and i truly think it was God. They decided to do a CT scan of my abdomen to make sure there wasn't a mass or something and when they took thos pictures, they took pics of the top of my leg and were able to find the tumor based on those pictures. The God thing is that there was nothing wrong with my uterus, kidneys, spleen, liver etc. I feel that God made my uterus enlarged that day, so this test would have to be performed and they would find the tumor. Even though from the beginning of all of this, I have always said "my left leg hurts, my leg hurts, the pain begins in my leg" Ugh! Frustrating when I knew there was something wrong from the beginning.

Oh well, I am just thankful that they have found it.

So, today I am going back to the Dr. to go over everything and all of my options. They are also planning to do a biopsy and CT scan. Then I head back to the hospital to the Nuclear Medicine department. Sounds scary doesn't it? There they will do a VQ scan on my chest. The scan on Tuesday wasn't able to get the timing right, so they couldn't see if small blood clots were in the smaller veins of my heart. So today they will inject me with some kind of radioactive superglow junk that will make it better to take pictures of my heart. Or something like that. There has just been so much info that past 2 days that I have overwhelmed, tired and scared. But I feel that we are on the right track now figuring out what is going on with me and I hope that it is something that can be fixed and I will start feeling better soon.

Please continue to pray and I will keep everyone updated as much as I can.

Love you all!


Lori Eilers said...

I'm praying right now!

Anonymous said...

We are praying as well!!! I am so sorry :( If you need anything--please call me!!!!

loreyfamily said...

Of Course i will Pray, is the tumor a benine or is it cancer ? i know kinda how you feel for 4 years i was in alot of pain in my overys and no one did a thing they ran test but said i was fine then on may 22nd 2008 with a Dye test found out i had a very Enlaraged tumor it thank GOD was a benine it was seting inside of my womb,

I was told that it could cause damage to other organs but thankfuly it didnt God healed me not MAN when i went in for the sugery they could not fine the tumor praise GOD

keep the faith GOD can touch and heal u to love April