Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Organ Donation

Drew and I both have "organ donor" checked on our driver's license, but I don't think we both really truly thought about it until this weekend.

On Friday night we went to the visitation of his best friends dad - Jim Harless. While Drew waited in line to see Joe and his mom, I rested for a bit in the lobby with Mary and Joe's daughter Peyton - who is 10.

Peyton started talking about her "papa" and told me how she couldn't believe what happened and how much she loved him. Then she looked at me and said in her cute child's voice - "You know what is cool? My papa took such good care of his organs, that he was able to donate his heart and lung to science and yesterday he was able to save 3 peoples lives with his other organs." Then she said "Kind of doesn't make you so sad." I just teared up, because here was a beautiful 10 year old little girl who got it and despite the heartache and pain she was going through, she saw something good in it.

When I told Drew about it, I of course cried, but we talked more in depth about it and we know for sure that we are so glad that we have this checked on our driver's license and we are so thankful for Jim, his life and the life he continues to give.

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mrsmarkdave said...

This is a lovely story. What a mature little 10 year old girl.
Just wanted to let you know that having this checked on your driver's license doesn't set it in stone.You have to somehow like put it in your will or something. Just FYI