Friday, January 16, 2009

Health Update

I wish I had good news….I went back to the Dr. yesterday. My family Dr. recommended I see a women's health specialist. So I went to see her yesterday. She was very thorough and very good. She came in with a pad and paper and said that she hadn't even looked at my chart or previous tests, she just wanted me to start from the beginning and tell her what was going on. Through the course of what I was telling her, she became more and more concerned about my left leg (where the pain always starts) and said that even with me sitting there she could see that it was larger than my right leg. She took some measurements and my left leg is about 5 inches bigger than my right leg.

She then did a pelvic exam and found that my uterus is enlarged. Because of that, it is pressing down on the blood flow to my left leg and causing all sorts of problems with how the blood is pooling. She thinks that I have been having a series of blood clots travel through my system and that is wreaking havoc on my body. Including my brain. She said that most people would have a pulmonary embolism and either die, or be hospitalized once the clot hit the lung, but a small percent of people (me) have an opening at the top of the heart, where a clot can get through and go to other parts of the body. She told me to start taking an aspirin immediately and that she was going to look through all of my tests and call me back with the next course of action. I asked her what happens when the clots go to the brain and she said sometimes nothing, but more times than not, they cause a stroke. So she was very concerned. She said that she was going to get it taken care of though and to not stress….yeah right! I was at least comforted because she seemed to know what she was doing. She kept asking me questions once she thought she knew what was going on and I answered yes to just about everything. Mainly where the pain was and did it feel like this, have you had this, etc.

So she called back yesterday afternoon and said that I need to have a Cardio CT scan done with contrast on my heart and she wanted one done on my abdomen to see what is causing the swelling of my uterus - like a mass or something. So I have that scheduled for Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m.

So that is what is going on. I am stressed, but I am trying not to think too much about it. My biggest fear is having a stroke. I think I fear that more than dying. But like I said I am trying not to stress. I just need to focus on my health, resting and living life. Drew of course is really worried, but hopefully by next week we will know more. I am just trying to stay positive and keep praying that all will be o.k.

It helps when I have two of the greatest friends in the world. Who surprised me and come over last night to just hang out and keep my mind off of things!

I will post more next week, once we know what is going on. In the meantime please pray that we will have some answers and I will be on way to feeling better soon!

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Lori Eilers said...

Oh girl, that is pretty scary stuff BUT I don't have to tell you that God is in control! Remember 1 Peter 5:7 because He truly does care for ALL of you. I'll be praying for your healing and please keep us posted. Wish I was there to give you a big hug and pray for you in person. Call if you need to talk. 731-446-4014. Love ya!