Monday, December 22, 2008

Girls Night In...Christmas Edition!

Friday night, my wonderful girlfriends and I had our annual Christmas dinner and gift opening at my house. I was worried because the weather was so bad that morning, but they both made it and we had a great night! The food was delish - Annette made lasagne, I made italian green beans and Ro brought our fave - to die for mini cakes from Let Them Eat Cake in Valley Junction. My gifts from them were AWESOME!!! Rochelle got be a beautiful Ralph Lauren shirt and some lotion and Annette got me something that Drew absolutely loved.....a Pittsburgh Steelers purse!!! Annette and her husband Davey are big Steelers fans too and we plan to put our gear to good use next season and try and catch a game in Pittsburgh! She also got me some relaxing spa items and some lip gloss. I think they were both happy with their gifts too! All in all it was such a wonderful night of good friend, food, friendship and laughter!!!

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