Tuesday, October 28, 2008

24 Trips and my husband's love....

...well after quite a few car loads, 2 trips in a moving truck, 50 mph winds and 24 trips (yeah that's right) of hauling BBQ sauce bottles AND trying to write a paper on the Language and Cognitive Skills of a 2-year old, Chefstinsonfamily is finally moved into our new place!

Can I just say something about hauling in all of the sauce bottles. It.was.brutal. We could only carry 3 boxes at a time and it was just me and my good friend Veronica, who by the way had the task of loading them all into her vehicle without any help (I was taking a load to Ankeny and Drew and his friend were loading the big stuff into the moving truck). Thankfully she was able to pull her Tahoe up to the front door and it is just a few steps down to the basement to get the bottles and bring them up. Once we got to Ankeny, that was another story. We had to carry about 80 boxes through the entire house and down 20 steps to the basement at the back of the house, then back up the stairs and do it again. BRUTAL. But I will say, even with my asthma and heart issues, we got through it and didn't really stop once. I will forever be grateful to her! And I will admit I was a little upset with Drew that we were the ones left with hauling HIS bottles in, but at the end of the night he professed his undying love and thankfulness for me, so all is forgiven. :o) Plus we have a pretty great house now, so I can't complain!!

Other than the wind issue, the move was pretty easy and accident free. I say this because somehow in all of our other moves, something beloved has been broken, or one of us has smashed a hand or pulled a muscle or sliced a finger. Though, Drew and I both hit our heads pretty hard at different points in the day, we still survived.

We are LOVING, LOVING, LOVING our new place. It is so beautiful and new. I love the fresh smell of new carpet and paint.

Once I have everything settled and put in it's place (hopefully by this weekend, I can't handle this chaos and clutter), I will post some pics.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who helped us move: John, Roy, Adrien, Sue, Courtney, Morgan, Amy, Grandma and Grandpa and of course Veronica We definitely couldn't have done it without you!

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Anonymous said...

This is Courtney--

You know I look everyday to see if you have posted something new on here, and I love keeping up with all the news! You are such a great writer, and you keep me on the edge of my seat, everytime!! I love you, and I hope this new place is just what you all needed! be safe, clean, and healthy and know that this Aunt Co loves you all! Kisses!