Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Birthday Week!!!

This week of the year is always crazy for us.

Wed. (Sept. 24th) was my little sister Courtney's 22nd birthday. Her friends are throwing her a big party tonight, so I am hoping Drew and I can sneak over there for a little bit once he gets off work.

Yesterday (Sept. 25th) was my wonderful Step-mom's birthday. She has chosen to spend her night tonight, not going out to dinner and celebrating, but by taking Julianna for the night and giving me time to work on a paper I have due next week. Jules was SO excited this morning to be spending the night with "Bamma Bush" and going to see Uncle Mo Mo play in the Marching Band at East's football game tonight.

And....tomorrow (Sept. 27th) is Mary's 11th birthday!! I get to pick her up after her soccer game tomorrow and bring her home where I will have a manicurist waiting for us (really it is my little sister Courtney, but she does an amazing job on toes and fingers!) and after some pampering we will load up the car, pick up Julianna, meet Drew at work and then head out as a family to Omaha where we will spend the weekend together. We plan to order pizza, swim and sing Karaoke (on Mary's new Karaoke machine) at the hotel tomorrow night and then go to the Omaha zoo all day Sunday. I am SO looking forward to it and can't wait for the little surprises we have for Mary!

I will post pics on Monday of our fabulous weekend!


loreyfamily said...

Wow lots of Birthdays coming up for us AUG is Like that Anyways happy birthday to every one and God bless


Lori Eilers said...

Happy Birthday Mary! Lovin' from Pastor Lori all the way from Tennessee!