Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Update of Sorts

It has been another couple of busy weeks in the Stinson household. Jules was sick most of last week and we had to take her to the ER for some breathing problems. Bless her little heart, looks like she may have asthma like her mama and grandma. She is a trooper though and doesn't mind using her nebulizer. I think she thinks it makes her more of a big girl. :o) Speaking of our big girl, she is doing so well with her potty training and has only had one accident in the past couple of weeks. She just took to it really well. We have found that if we tell her that doing something makes her a "big girl" she is all about it.

Mary is heading back to public school this year, so we are getting her ready for that. Last week she went to a jump start program for school all week and it helped her get back in the groove of things, so she is ready academically and mentally for school in two weeks. Drew and I are planning a day at the Fair with her next Monday, so it will be nice to have a day with just her and spoil her with fair goodies.

Drew is working hard, hard, hard, and still manages to have time with his family and make me feel like a queen. How I landed this man is beyond me some days. He has been truly in love with his wife the past few weeks and doesn't miss an opportunity to show me or tell me. What a lucky girl I am. We have experienced a miracle of sorts with his family and all of them coming together over his grandmothers health problems. It was an emotional weekend filled with laughter, tears and joy as we were at the hospital with his grandma. Hopefully she will be out soon and the whole family can get together and let bygones be bygones.

As for me, things are crazy busy here at work. We have all fall athletes moving in today and their orientation is tomorrow. We have about 120 new football players coming to campus, so it has been pure craziness trying to get everyone placed and moved in. Classes start for me again on the 25th. I am excited for this class as I know some of the students in it and it is all about Human Development - fascinating stuff! Other than that, nothing new, just plugging away at housework, laundry, keeping our new pool clean and keeping up with a curious 2 year old.

I do have some cute pics of Jules and Mary, but I have somehow lost my camera, so pray that I find it tomorrow before we head to the State Fair parade to see Grand View's cheerleaders and Dance Team and my little bro in the East High Marching Band!

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