Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Floods of 2008!

Des Moines is under a little panic today. Last night they lowered the flood gates at Saylorville Lake. This will cause parts of downtown to flood by this afternoon.
Many of us were here and experienced the floods of '93, so we are having feelings of deja-vu. Back then I was a sophomore kid who thought it was fun to "rough" it for a couple of weeks and take showers out in the rain. Now that I have a children and a job where I have to look professional everyday, it is a little different. I am hoping that nothing will happen to our water this time and that our little home will be safe and dry.

I will also be praying for the city and the state - that everyone will be safe and smart about what to do in flooding conditions.

My mom and step-dad fly in from Phoenix on Friday. I pray that they too will be safe and will arrive on time and will bring the nice weather with them!

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Mrs. W said...

This morning a co-worker told me about showers in the rain back in
'93- crazy! Talked to my mom- they are without electricity and are trapped at their house since both bridges are closed. My brother's house will probably be a total loss. At least they are safe though...

BTW- love your new background!