Monday, April 7, 2008


.....this is going to be a crazy week. Here is a list of what my week looks like:

~ Start studying for finals

~ Finish 8 page research paper on Media Violence

~Help Drew cater a banquet for 120 pp tomorrow night

~ Clean my house (I hate leaving town and not having the house clean)

~ Tackle 6 loads (at least) of laundry

~ Buy new running shoes (those of you who are moms, know how hard a simple task like this is to do)

~ Spend time with Jules

~ Pack for Jules' weekend at Grandma's

~ Pack for Chicago

~ Take 15 college students (who rock) to Chicago for an Orientation Conference

Oh, and work a normal 40 hour week!!!!

I need a vacation from life so bad!!

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Lori Eilers said...

Can I offer a word of encouragement? Stop right now and take a deep breath and call upon the Lord for clearity of mind, a plan to get what needs done completed and to let go what can be left and thank Him for always bailing us out even when life is just happening or we get ourselves too stressed. :) Love ya...I know Drew will do a great job with the DM First volunteer appreciation banquet!