Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've been "tagged" by my friend - the fabulous Lori Eilers to fill this out. I LOVE these type of things!!!

A- Attached or Single: Happily attached to the man who makes me a better woman - my gorgeous husband Drew.

B- Best Friend(s): My sis Lauren, Rochelle, Annette, Drew, my mom....my list could go on and on, I am blessed with so many wonderful friends!

C- Cake or Pie: Mmmm, cake - Almond or Coconut Creme cake from 'Let Them Eat Cake' in Valley Junction! Delish!

D-Day of Choice: A Saturday in the spring - I love to open up the house, get it sparkling clean and let in the fresh air (of course this has yet to happen this year....)

E-Essential Item(s): A bath everyday - I need those few minutes to myself, or I will go insane (more so, than I already am...)

F-Favorite Type of Music: Usually Christian Worship, or anything 80's

G-Gummy bears or worms: Haribo Gummy bears are my fave!

H-Hometown: Urbandale, IA - One of the best cities in the country to live according to Forbes Mag! Ah yeah!

I-Indulgences: Clearance Racks and Almond or Coconut Creme cake from 'Let Them Eat Cake'

J-January or July: Ugh! Neither - I will take May or June anyday!

K-Kids: 2 - The greatest step-daughter in the world - Mary and the cutest toddler in the world - Julianna

L-Last movie: This is bad that I have to sit here for a minute and think about this. I think it was "Fool's Gold" with Drew, Lauren and my cousins Katie and Rachel

M-Marriage Date: June 5, 2004 (almost 4 wonderful years!)

N-Number of Siblings: 2 sisters and 2 brothers and one brother-in-law

O-Oranges or Apples: Hmmm, depends on my mood, but I can usually go for a bright juicy orange any day. Especially when I am pregnant!

P-Phobias or Fears: Snakes and dying before my kids are older.

Q-Quotes: "Life is not measured by the amount of breathes we take, but by the moments that take our breath away"

R-Reasons to Smile: My husband's love for me, and my daughters laughter and excitement over everything!

S-Season: Fall - I love new sweaters and walks in the brisk air!

T-Tag: Rochelle Wallace and Jen Larsen

U-Unknown Fact About Me: I have a fascination with saying words backwards really fast. For some reason, my brain can see a word and then see it backwards and I can talk in complete sentences backwards. My family thinks it is weird and fascinating at the same time!

V-Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: When I am pregnant - vegetarian, the smell/thought of meat makes me want to yack, but other than that me likey my pork chicken and steak!!! (ground beef, not so much...)

W-Worst Habit: Being impatient. I am always on the go and when things slow down a bit I don't know what to do.

X-X-rays or Ultrasounds: Interesting question, I will have to go with ultrasounds. Listening to Julianna's heartbeat for the first time was one of the best memories of my life! - even if we thought it was a boy's heartbeat we were listening to! :o)

Y-Your Favorite Food: Where do I start? Drew's Alfredo, Drew's BBQ sauce, Drew's cheesecake, Drew's BBQ (steak, porkchops, talapia), oh and Almond or Coconut Creme cake from 'Let Them Eat Cake'!!!!

Z-Zodiac: Taurus - Just a reminder that my 30th (that's right 30th) birthday is only 19 days away!!!!

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