Sunday, February 10, 2008


It has been crazy the past couple of weeks. I don't even know where to start.

My foot is much better, though my knee is still quite sore. LAST Saturday, I was able to spend the day with Mary. It was such a great day. We went to the Grand View girls basketball game so Mary could get some pointers. We had a lot of fun and she loved watching GVC win! After that we headed to Sleepy Hollow Sports park for the Snow Sculpting Contest in conjunction with the Des Moines Winter Games! This was an event that I had helped with and spent A LOT of time on over the past 2 months. I have pics at work and I will post them tomorrow. The event was a lot of fun. Grand View competed with Drake in a snow sculpting mascot competition and then 5 GVC clubs and orgs competed in another contest. I could not believe the talent! Drake ended up winning, but it was a hard decision for the judges - so hard that they had to get more to judge the event! Mary and I just had such a great day!

Sunday I started not feeling too hot and by Tuesday I could barely keep my head up. Drew left to train in Omaha that morning and i was left wondering how I would take care of Jules while I was feeling this terrible. Thankfully, I have the greatest grandparents in the whole world! They watch Julianna every Tuesday for me and said that she could just spend the night since the weather was getting bad and I was so sick. I was able to be in a NyQuil induced coma all day Tuesday into Wednesday - where I learned when I woke up that Grand View was closed for the day - THANK YOU JESUS! I was able to stay in bed all day with no interuptions and rest, rest, rest (oh and watch Dr. Phil). My grandparents brought Jules home around 3:30 and then my little sister Courtney came and helped me for the rest of the night. I thought I was doing better, until I started getting sick in the night. It was brutal. I took Jules to daycare on Thurs and was back at home resting again all day. My other sister Lauren picked her up that night and brought her home and then ended up staying the night to help me out. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my family. They take such good care of us at the drop of a hat. I was better by Friday and finally made it back to work! Drew came home that night because he too was sick all week. Poor guy.

So we have rested most of the weekend and are both feeling much better now.

Let's see what else has happened....Oh, Jules has gone potty in the big girl potty a few times now. Yesterday she surprised us by going #2 in the potty. You would have thought we won the lottery, the way Drew and I were jumping around and yelling we were so happy. I think she thought she was in trouble the way we were carrying on, but we assured her that she did a great thing! Though today she peed on the floor and didn't make it, but for 19 months, she is doing great!

I have a couple of pics of her on the potty, but of course Drew would not let me post them. But let me tell you they are pretty stinkin' cute (no pun intended). :o)

Drew is done training (hopefully) and back home now for good. We missed him while he was gone, but it was kind of nice to have the alone time. Now that he is working again, we are adjusting to a new routine. Hopefully we will still be able to spend time together just the two of us! He is planning a trip to Chicago for my - dare I say it - 30th birthday in May. I can't wait to go! It will be nice to have a few days away together again!!

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