Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Freezing Valentine's Day....

Yesterday morning I woke to a terrible burning smell and a smoky haze in our house. Of course fearing the worst, I ran into Julianna's room to grab her thinking the house was on fire. I yelled for Drew to get up and he went downstairs and found that the furnace was done for.

I called a repairman to come out to take a look at it praying that it we wouldn't have to replace the entire thing. He came to our freezing house and worked everything for over 2 hours. He replaced the motor and worked on a few other things. He said that he thought it should be working and would call us today. Drew and I decided not to have a romantic dinner at home since it was SO cold, so we headed out to eat. THANKFULLY Jules was spending the night with aunt Lauren, so she didn't have endure being chilled to the bone. When we got home a couple of hours later it felt like there was still no heat. Nothing was coming out of our vents EXCEPT cold air. Ugh. So we slept with 3 comforters, sweats, socks and slippers on last night and are hoping for the best when he comes out to look at it again today.
So much for our romantic night at home. The most intimate thing we did was try and hold hands through our massive amounts of clothing and bedding last night.
On a positive note, Drew just called and said that he reserved a room at the Radisson for me and the girls for tonight and tomorrow night. So we are going to have a nice weekend get-away from the cold and bask by the pool and hang out all weekend. It will be SO nice! So, it was a little blessing that this happened, though I still am hoping that we will have heat by today or tomorrow!

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