Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We gladly welcome 2009!

After a year of many ups and downs, we are ready to welcome 2009 with open arms!

Here is a brief list of our year:

Up - Trip to Chicago and Milwaukee with just Drew in January 2008.

Down - Furnace blew at the Madison Ave house on Valentine's Day

Up - Finished my first college class in over 10 years....and got an 'A'!

Down - my beautiful grandma - Irene Tonsi passed away

Up - I was able to travel to Phoenix to say goodbye and spend time with my mom and step-dad

Down - I turned 30....enough said

Up - Jules turned 2 and I was able to see my mom and step-dad again

Up - Drew and I were able to go to Minnesota to see our Steelers play!

Down - Jules and I started to get very sick

Down - we were still sick

Down - our house was covered in black mold

Down - we had to move out of our 1st home ASAP

Up - we found a beautiful townhome to rent until we can figure out what to do

Down - My wonderful and loving step-grandmother - Barbara Labieniec passed away

Down -my health has still been really bad with heart issues, muscle spasms and fatigue. Hopefully we will find out soon what is going on....

Up - My mom was able to visit this Nov. Saw her 3 times this year! That has never happened!

Up - The holidays were wonderful

Up - I have a safe home

Up - I have a wonderful and loving husband...and he's cute too!

Up - I have an adorable 2-year old who shower me with kisses and hugs everyday and says "I Love You Mommy" every night

Up - I have a great step-daughter who looks up to me and loves me so much

Up - I have AMAZING friends

Up - We have great jobs that keep up happy

Up - We are able to look forward to 2009 as a year of new hopes and dreams and better health!

We wish you all a happy, safe and wonderful New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We have lots of family and we are busy, busy, busy during the Christmas season. Please forgive me for all of the pictures, but I loved capturing every moment and every memory. The next 8 posts (yes, that's right) are of all of the Christmas Festivities we held and attended last week. Enjoy!

Our Chirstmas with Mary!

Because Christmas is such an array of activity and we don't get home until usually around midnight, we celebrate our Christmas with Mary the morning after. We love it because the holiday is extended a little longer and then we have the whole day with just Mary and we aren't running around.

It was a great morning and of course Cinderella was back to help open gifts. I seriously haven't been able to get her out of this dress since Christmas Eve!

Christmas Night @ Aunt Ginny's

Every year we pick up Mary from her mom's house and travel to my Aunt Ginny's on Christmas night. It is when we can spend time with my mom's side of the family (even though she can't be there) :o( It is always fun and there is lots of food, family and friends around. We look forward to it every year! It was special this year too, because my grandfather just recovered from lung surgery and was able to be with all of us and connect with Julianna. She just loves her "Papa Tonsi!"

Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa's

Christmas at my Grandma and Grandpa Howard's always holds such great memories for me. I am so thankful that now that I am married and have a child we can still make it part of our Christmas Day! We had another great year and great time there this year. Jules got so many wonderful things and I enjoyed watching everyone open the gifts that I put time and effort in this year!

Christmas Morning!!

Christmas morning with Julianna was so much fun! She loved her new pink guitar from Santa and all of her other musical gifts. Drew and Julianna both share a love for Bob Marley and his music. So Drew got her a special gift just from him this year. A Bob Marley T-shirt. And....Jules got Drew a Bob Marley T-shirt. She picked it out all on her own. When she opened the shirt, she held it close and said "Oh, I love it Daddy!" "Thank you". She actually said "Thank you Daddy and Mommy" after all of the gifts she opened from us. She is just so precious and I was so thankful for her and Drew this Christmas. What a wonderful family I have!