Friday, November 30, 2007


Today is my wonderful hubby's birthday, but last night we threw him a great surprise party!! We held it at the Latin King Restaurant because it is our favorite place to eat and I knew Drew would never suspect that anything was going on!

It was so much fun all our our family and friends were there and he was totally surprised and absolutely love it! Jules and Mary had a great time too and made the night even more special for him. The night couldn't have been more perfect!

My mom got the girls matching outfits for the party. They looked too adorable in them!

Mary was so proud that she was able to keep it a secret. I think she was more excited than I was all week!

Check out Julianna's face. I think all she ate for dinner was ketchup and creamy parmesan dressing!

Drew's mom passed down his Grandmother Stinson's pot holder and cake stand. It brought tears to Drew's eyes and mine. It was the most special gift.

Jules on the way home, she was tired, but had so much fun with the balloons! It was such a perfect night and we are so thankful to everyone that shared it with us!

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