Thursday, October 4, 2007

Crazy Week!

First let me say that I am LOVING my new job! The people here are wonderful and the students that I interact with on a daily basis are awesome! There is still a lot to learn, but all in all it is so great to be here!!

It is homecoming week, so everyone has been pumped up about that. There is a parade on Saturday that I am going to take Julianna to, so she can be a part of campus life and all of the festivities!

Mary is in Arizona this week with her grandparents, seeing the Grand Canyon!! She has called every night and said that she is having a great time! They will be flying out of Phoenix next week, so they are hoping that they can get together with my mom for a quick dinner before they leave.

Jules started at a new daycare this week and let me tell you - it is WONDERFUL. They lady that is watching her is a dream! So organized and really knows what she is doing. It has been such a blessing to us and Julianna just loves it there!

Drew is working hard this week and will be working all weekend. Thankfully he has a new guy that starts on Monday, but it has been a long week for both of us. He is off today, so I am glad that he was able to have a day to himself. If only that could happen for me once in a while......

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Lori Eilers said...

Glad things are going well! Get me your new e-mail! I miss you all.