Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekly Update...

I have been SO busy this week trying to get everything done at work before I leave, doing a lia sophia show, being a mom and wife and dealing with terrible back pain.

I went to the Dr. yesterday (who thankfully is a D.O.) and he was able to do some manipulations and pop my right hip back into place - it was one inch higher than my left and causing all the pain. I feel better today, but I am still pretty sore. Hopefully it will be much better before I start my new job!

Last Sunday we went to the Drake Womens Soccer game. My aunt Mary is the Assistant Athletic Director for Sports information for the University of Florida (GO GATORS!) and they were playing Drake. Since my Mary just started soccer, we thought it would be really great for her to see a college game and it was great to see my Aunt Mary.

My Mary had a blast. She stood on the rail and watched the game with extreme interest the whole time. Florida won! So it was a great game to be at!!

Mary really took to one of the Florida players - who happened to be from Ames - she wanted her picture with her so bad, but I felt bad asking because she was trying to see her family really quick after the game and didn't want to bother her with asking for a pic. So I kind of snapped one with Mary and then Megan in the background. :o)

We will see how much Mary learned at her game tomorrow!!! She is really excited to get out there and show off her new skills!

Here are some pics of the game - Jules had a great time too!

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