Monday, September 10, 2007

SO proud of our little Triathlete!

Yesterday Mary participated in her first Triathlon. She did such an amazing job and we are all SO proud of her. She had to swim 4 lengths of the pool, then run to her bike, dry off, get her socks and shoes on and head out for the bike ride portion, which was about a mile and a half, then drop her bike and run for about a mile. She was amazing!!! And she did it all in about 20 minutes! She had a blast and indicated that this is something that she wants to continue to do.

So we are hoping the family pass to the pool will help her with her competitive swimming and a new bigger bike (perhaps for Christmas) will suit her better for competitive biking. She did such a great job and was really proud of herself too!

Jules was pretty proud of her big sis too and cheered her on by saying "go" and clapping! Too cute!

Ready to Go!

Getting ready to get in the pool!

Out of the pool and running towards her bike!

Changing really fast!

Go Mary Go!!!

Heading towards the Finish Line!

Tired, but..... .....happy & proud!


angelasustala said...

Way to go, Mary!!! That's SO cool!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! That is quite an accomplishment :)

Lori Eilers said...

I'm so proud of her! I'm impressed, you go girl.