Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor Day Weekend!

We had such a nice family weekend! On Saturday we took Jules to the Pleasant Hill Parade. It goes right by my grandparents house, so it was the perfect way to watch it. Plus the weather was beautiful. My grandparents also invited their little friends Immy and Toby to come. They were the sweetest kids. Jules sat in her "big girl" chair just like mom and dad and people literally just threw candy into her bucket. She did nothing, but sit there and look cute. She had a blast and was so content and happy the whole time, taking it all in!

There was also a church group there that handed out homemade pillows to the kids that said "Jesus Loves You". The lady came up to Jules and gave it to her and she just hugged it to her chest. It was the CUTEST thing ever!!

My little brother Morgan marches with the East High Marching Band, so we saw him and my dad (who was driving his truck while pulling the band trailer). After words I captured a pic of the kids with their "haul". I can't believe how much they all got!

On Sunday we took Jules to my parents, while we got Mary's room ready. Drew put together her new bunk bed, and I cleaned and organized the chaos. We decided to move our office up to her room, so it was more accessible to everyone. We can do my lia sophia business, our catering business and Mary's homeschooling out of there. I love the new set up! It is not quite done yet, but should be tonight. I will post pics of it, once it is all done!

I picked Mary up Sunday night and we surprised her with her new bed my dad bought her and the new bedding that my mom got her! She just loved it!! I really like the new colors for her room. Lime Green, Bright Pink and Orange. The new layout, really opened up her room too, so even though half of her room is the "office" she still has more room to sprawl out and play. Plus having the extra bed on the bunk will make it easier when she has a friend spend the night! Here is a picture of her first night sleeping in her new bed.

Monday, Drew had to work, so the girls and I had the day to ourselves. We went to Michaels to use my 50% off coupon and got one Christmas present out of the way, then we went to lunch at Mazatlan - our favorite place, then to Target for new pillows for her room! Drew got off around 3:00 and we had a nice family night at home! It was just a great weekend!!!

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