Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Other Mother!!

Today is my step-mom Sue's birthday!!! I know - how cool is it that her first born (Courtney) was born the day before her birthday! We have a lot of celebrating to do in our family this week!!!

Sue has been such a treasure to me. I could not have asked for someone more wonderful for my dad to marry. She has seen me through so many good times and a few bad times. She loves us all so much and does so much for her family, that we can't even measure how much we love and adore her!!

It will be hard for me to limit it to 10 things that we love about her, but here they are!!

1. She has a contagious smile! She can light up the room when she walks into it.

2. She and my dad are still seriously in love with each other. I see my dad sneak her little love taps from time to time. :o)

3. She is a great Grandma to my girls. I can call her anytime (even at six in the morning when the baby-sitter has called in sick) and she will be more than happy to spend time with them!

4. She has given such great advice over the years. I can't tell you how many times she has put my mind at ease and made me feel better about certain situations.

5. She was a great role-model for step-parenting. I truly feel that God brought me such a great step-mother to prepare me for being a step-mother myself. I have turned to her more times than I can count for advice and encouragement.

6. She is a go-getter. She is doing so great with her Arbonne business and I know that she will be an RVP in the next few years and driving around in her FREE Mercedes!!

7. I just have to put this in here - she has the most beautiful skin you have ever seen. I am serious, it is amazing! Perfect porcelain skin - and she passed it onto Courtney. I think I had more blemishes when I was in third grade than either of them have had their entire lives!!

8. She is a great piano player! I used to love to listen to her play when I was little.

9. She will do anything for her family - even if it means she goes without. I have seen her take care of all of us before herself too many times. Morgan will be out of the house soon, so hopefully she will take full advantage of the empty nest and enjoy it!!

10. She makes some of the best desserts in the world! We never lacked homemade goodies when we were growing up. In fact, I still sneak over there on my lunches to see what new treat she has prepared!!

Happy Birthday Sue, we all love you so much!!

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