Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Courtney!!!

Today is my baby sisters 21st Birthday! I can't even believe it!! Here are the top 10 Reasons we all love Co!!

1. She is SOOOO beautiful - hard to not love someone that gorgeous!

2. She is real - she tells it like it is, even if you don't want to hear it!

3. She is a fabulous aunt to our girls. They love to spend time with their aunt Co!

4. She is a fabulous sister and sister-in-law! She looks to us for advice and I swear I have been able to have an adult conversation with her since she was a pre-teen!

5. She is hilarious. If the Bush clan gets together - there is fun to be had! We can sit and reminisce for hours and never stop laughing!

6. She is engaged to a wonderful man! We all love Jeremy and cannot wait for them to be married in a few years. He is brilliant - so he is in Pharmacy school at Iowa and we don't get to see him that often - but we know he is working towards their future right now. She sure knows how to pick them!!

7. She is SO incredibly talented. She has the most amazing voice and can play the flute and piccolo like no one else! She makes me tear up every time I hear her perform.

8. We can totally be ourselves around each other - whether we laugh, cry, yell or scream. We can lean on each other through anything.

9. Up until I had my daughter, she was the greatest/cutest/ most spectacular baby I had ever seen. I was SOOO in love with her when she was born. I still am. :o)

10. SHE NOW LIVES BACK IN DSM!!!! We missed her so much last year and I am so glad that she is back and able to see us and the girls anytime!

We love you so much Courtney - hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day!!

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