Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The woes of a working mother....

I am have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. I know it has been a year, but I am still getting used to this mom thing. I will probably be saying that 20 years from now too, but some days it is a lot to handle. Last night I was just overtaken with everything. I start my day at 6 a.m. every morning, get ready for work, get Jules ready run her to daycare in Pleasant Hill (keep in mind that we live in Urbandale) and then head to work by 8:00. I work at a job that while I am very thankful for it, I don't particularly enjoy. In fact I am starting to dread it. There is no respect in this office and it just wears on me everyday. Then it is back to Pleasant Hill and if I am lucky I will make it home by 6:00. 12 hours of running and going non-stop. All I would like to do when I get home is sit and rest for 10 minutes. Not going to happen when you have a one year old who is into EVERYTHING.

I just sat there looking at her and bawling last night because I was so overwhelmed. My living room is trashed on a daily basis, I can't keep her out of the kitchen, I have no time to organize or get anything done, it it just too much. So as I am wallowing in self pity, my husband calls and says he is on his way home and asks what I want for dinner. I was in no mood to make another decision. I yell at him and tell him that I can't decide, just bring me anything from the Chef's case. He again asks what I want, so I tell him that I just want grilled chicken with vegetables. Well there is no grilled chicken in the case, so I yell at him again and say "fine just bring me whatever home, I DON'T CARE" (all the while Julianna is whining and carrying on and crawling up me to try and get to the cell phone - her favorite toy) so I just hang up and leave it at that. 40 minutes later he is still not home, of course I am upset with him about that, so I call him and he says he is just now leaving. Grrr....I am frustrated. I need his help with Jules and I thought he was on his way home 40 minutes ago. When he gets home he comes in showers us with love and kisses and what does he have in his hands?

Grilled Chicken and Vegetables.

He had stayed at work and grilled the chicken for me, so I could have what I wanted for dinner. And cheesecake....the man brought me cheesecake, if you know me well, you know that cheesecake can solve everything. :o) Now that's some love. I bite your ear off, pretty much hang up on you and am frustrated with you and what do you do? You bring me everything I want and more. Then you take care of the babe and let me have my time.

Am I married to the greatest man alive or what? Thanks baby for all you do for me and for our family and household. I love, love, love you!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Adrian, I totally hear ya! There are days I want to just run screaming out of the house and hide in a hotel. That is so great that your hubby was so thoughtful! Good guy :)