Saturday, June 9, 2007

We Are V.I.P.!

We now have Video, Internet and Phone! We have been without cable, internet and a home phone for almost a year now! We decided it was too expensive and wanted to see if we could live a year without it. We did, but decided for different reasons that we needed internet, so Mediacom was offering a special for the next year. So we got all three for what we thought we would have to pay for just internet with out a phone line.

My mom bought us an awesome new laptop, so we are now wireless as well. I can tell that I will definately be using this to it's fullest. So hopefully that will mean more blogs and postings of what is happening with the Stinson Family!!!

We are headed off to the Omaha Zoo tomorrow to see fmaily that is visiting from Michigan and our family that lives in Omaha. I can't wait!!! It will be great to see them all again!

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