Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Happy 3rd Anniversary Babe!

Three wonderful years ago today I married the man of my dreams. He is so amazing in so many ways. How shall I count them......

1 - I know he loves me with his whole being. He tells me everyday.

2 - He still thinks I am the most beautiful, sexiest woman alive. I catch him staring at me sometimes and he just smiles to let me know he still thinks I've got it.

3 - He is an amazing father to our girls. They could not ask for a better dad. He is so tender and caring. I can only dream that they find someone as wonderful as him one day.

4 - He would do ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING for his family. We are his everything and he shows us everyday!

5 - He is pretty darn sexy himself. I could stare at him and feel my heart well up inside me for hours everyday. His smile can still take my breath away.

6 - We totally get each other and that we were meant for each other - there is no one else that could "get" or undertand us.

7 - He is the only one that can make me laugh so hard my head hurts along with my stomach, face and mouth. I never knew such joy and happiness until I met him

8 - We have a pretty amazing love story. Just ask me....I will tell you all about it.

9 - We have been blessed over and over throughout our marriage, so many things that we couldn't have gone through without each other. God knew that the only way we could handle them was together!

and last but not least.....10 - He takes me for who I am, past, present and future. He loves me unconditionally no matter what.

I really am one of the luckiest woman alive because of him. Thank you babe for everything and for being the husband I never thought I deserved and for being the one I always wanted. You are my everything!

Since I am officially crying over my keyboard now, I will leave with one last declaration of love. Here's to many more years by your side as your head over heels madly in love wife!

I love, love, love you!


Lori Eilers said...

I love people who are mushy in love! Congrats.

angelasustala said...

Happy Anniversary, you love birds!! It just gets better from here!