Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

I had a wonderful first Mother's Day! Drew had to work - they had over 550 people for brunch at the Market on Sunday. He said it was crazy, but that everyone just loved the food. Of course they did!

When Jules woke up I went into her room and on her dresser was a card from Drew and a beautiful necklace and card from Jules! The necklace is a circle that says "mom" a few times and all of the "o's" in "mom" are crystals. Very nice and I love it!!! I have worn it proudly everyday. When I think back on the past year, I am still so amazed at my girl. She brings tears to my eyes daily and the amount of love I have for her, well I just can't describe it. Those of you who are mom's, know what I am talking about. Breathtaking love, wonder and amazement everyday!

We went to lunch at my grandparents house and it was wonderful. My grandma made her famous "mystery meatballs" and mac n cheese. It was delish!!! The "mystery" in the meatballs is cranberry sauce! Sounds weird, I know, but they are utterly amazing and delicious!

Courtney had a nice cake made for us moms and we just enjoyed a good time with family. Of course Jules was the life of the party. What we ever did before she was born, is beyond me!

Courtney came over and hung out for a bit after lunch. She moves back this weekend!!! We are so excited for her to be closer!! Jules loves all of the time and attention her aunt co (and aunt lo and uncle mo) gives her!!! She is truly blessed to have such great aunts and uncles!

Here she is chillin' out in aunt co's sunglasses and gettin' some lovin' from aunt co!

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Lori Eilers said...

Jules is the cutest! Get busy and make another one! Have you started the planning of the BIG first b-day party?