Monday, May 21, 2007

Mary and Emilee

I had a great weekend with the girls. I am tired and ready for a few days of rest, but had a great time nonetheless. Why was this weekend different than the rest you ask? Well I had an extra child all weekend. Mary's best friend Emilee spent the weekend with us. On Saturday, Mary, Jules and I went to see Emilee perform in her dance recital. She did a great job. They did a cute version of Cinderella. The all-male Step-sisters were hilarious! Emilee was one of the beautiful grasshoppers. Her costume was great! After the recital and a celebratory stop at Dairy Queen we went home where the girls played and entertained us for the afternoon.

They played King Tut, Emilee was the mummy wrapped in t.p., they played water balloons and got each other and my carpet thoroughly soaked. :o) I wish I would have taken pictures, but I was too busy tying water balloons! Then we watched movies, had pizza, popped popcorn and made root-beer floats. It was a great time. Emilee went to church with us yesterday and had a nice time there. She is in love with Pastor Lori (but who isn't!) Mary was sad when we had to drop E off, but was fine when we told her she would see her in less than 24 hours! All in all - it was a great weekend and alot of fun!

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