Wednesday, May 2, 2007

International Saturday Night!

Saturday Night was Rochelle's Bachelorette party. Needless to say, it was a great time! We had so much fun. Dinner at Crave was amazing - we were in the upstairs loft away from the rest of the crowd (most of them were prom-goers). There were about 15 of us and we just laughed, shared stories and had lots of fun! From there we went to Tonic for a drink. Since Lauren and I were the designated drivers, we partook in some free Diet coke! They didn't seem to keen on us being there, so we decided to take our business elsewhere!

The plan after that was to head to the hotel for the rest of the night, but Ro decided she wanted to dance. So we headed to Aura - this swankified place is where Demi and Ashton visited a while ago. We were excited to get in there and dance for a bit. We could hear the music from outside, so we thought that it was bound to be a good time! The doorman had told one of our friends that got there before us, that if the bachelorette and her entire party got there in the next 10 minutes, we could all get in for free. Now you know me - I am on a budget and a tight-wad, so not paying a cover was right up my alley! So we go in and we are literally THE ONLY PEOPLE THERE!!! I thought there was a mistake. The bar is a nice size and very modern looking, but I thought that maybe this was just the lounge and the "dance floor" was through these steel doors at the back of the room. Um, no this was it. So we just figured, we would make the best of it and the 10 of us that were left in our party would dance and have a great time. Well we were there for about 45 minutes when people just started piling in. We looked around and realized that most of them were hispanic, so we were wondering what was going on. Next thing we know the screens flash to INTERNATIONAL SATURDAY NIGHT AT AURA!!! People start salsa dancing on the dance floor and showing us these moves that i have never seen before. It was so much fun. By the time we left - 2 hours later, the placed was packed. It was such a great time! From there we finally made it to the hotel, where we had a Cinco de Mayo theme throughout the room (since they are getting married May 5th) and we enjoyed Quesadilla's and lots of mexican goodies - so I guess International Dance Night fit right in with the theme of the night! We've even decided to show off some of the moves we learned at the reception Sat. night! :o)

Sunday morning the plan was to go to breakfast at the Machine Shed, but for some reason, Lauren and I were the only ones that felt well enough to go....... :o) Thankfully everyone was fine by Monday and Rochelle couldn't stop talking about what a great night she had - so mission accomplished! Now we are all getting ready for the wedding and getting excited about that!!! The weather looks like it will cooperate with us Saturday, so I am sure it will be another great night!

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