Thursday, April 12, 2007

Annette Lee!

O.k. so I am totally copying some of my other friends who post what they love most about their friends/family members on their birthdays. I am a couple of days late, but Monday was my good friend Annette's birthday.

Why I adore Annette:

~She can always make me laugh

~She has the sweetest spirit and soul of anyone I have ever met

~She is so beautiful and stylish

~She has a great relationship with her husband (who adores her)

~She always makes sure her friends are taken care of
~She loves a good girls night

~She loves my girls

~She loves my husband - in the "you are so lucky to have him, he is so lucky to have you" kind of way

~The girl can accessorize!

~She is there whenever you need her

Thanks Annette for being such a wonderful friend all these years! Can't wait for our next girls night out! April 28th will be a blast!!!!

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