Friday, March 2, 2007

Snow Day......I wish!!

Well just about most of the city didn't have to work today and all of the schools are closed. You would think I would be enjoying a day at home with my baby. Nope, here I am stuck at work. Thankfully Julianna and I made it in just fine today (thank you Jesus), and she is at my parents house. I didn't want to make the drive all the way to Pleasant Hill and Sue (step-mom) didn't have to work today (one of the lucky ones), so she offered to watch the babe. They only live 4 blocks from my office, so it worked out. Hopefully it will still be o.k. to get home tonight.

We are really lucky. We live in Urbandale in a neighborhood that doesn't get hit too bad. Our streets are plowed in a timely manner and we have a wonderful neighbor who snowblows our sidewalks everytime it snows. Here is a picture of what a co-workers friend was dealing with this morning. This what he saw when he opened his garage door to leave for work this morning.....

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Becky said...

Oh my word!!!!! That is so awesome!!!!
Paul and I thought we had big snow drifts! We have been literally stuck in our house all day. Our driveway and the street in front of our house has 3-4 feet of snow. Luckily a huge Catepillar digger came through a little while ago and helped some, but I'm thinking with the wind blowing so hard, they might need to come back through... :) Have a warm weekend.